• However, antagonist or protagonist, the film isn’t a hero’s tale. It stays true to its message: it’s a film about losers telling you you just shouldn’t care if you’re a loser because it all turns out okay in the end. And all the losers sitting in the audience will know humiliation and rejection because Tiwari tells the tale masterfully. There’s enough truth about life and success and failure in the film to help you sail through (with maybe some clenched teeth) the holes in the film.

  • The spotlight, therefore, shines entirely on Rani and her journey.  Her acting credentials are impeccable and she lends immense credibility to Naina but let’s just say, Hichki is unable to create the magic that Sidney Poitier created in the British classic To Sir, With Love. However, it’s definitely one that will win over Rani’s fans. 

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