• Like with most biopics that are instead hagiographies, director Omung Kumar (Bhoomi, 2017) and his team of writers — there are three — deify the central protagonist more than any director could ever have done for Rajinikanth’s star power. Oberoi, who delivers ably and with grace and respectfulness as Modi, seems to have bagged the role of a lifetime.

  • The problem with the film is that it seems confused – should it be a candyfloss campus flick with hot chicks and hunky dudes or should it be a candyfloss campus flick with sports and tense moments? It ends up being neither. What remains is the candyfloss. Which, in retrospect, isn’t such a bad thing as you go for the movies to have a good time and be entertained. Student of the Year entertains but is too vanilla to have any lingering taste. In Hindi film parlance, I’d say, it’s a decent timepass film worth the popcorn. But frankly, it’s time for the students to graduate.

  • Frustrated with the interference from the Gandhis and the apparent unwillingness of Manmohan Singh to set the record straight, Baru resigns and writes his memoir, The Accidental Prime Minister (accidental as Singh never contested an election but was a Rajya Sabha member). Sales are sluggish, until the PMO denounces the book: at which point, it becomes a bestseller. Gutte should hope his film meets with the same good fortune.

  • Stree is boring, slow and stretched. But a few fun jokes and the overall light-hearted treatment makes it a bearable watch.

  • The film though, manages to have a light-hearted vibe and some of the scenes are genuinely funny. The music is also pretty hummable. I found myself almost dancing to Fu Bai Fu. And Acche Din by Amit Trivedi is a good spin on the famous phrase used cleverly to comment on Fanney Khan’s financial situation.

    But overall Fanney Khan lacks depth or purpose.

  • Salman Khan’s Action Thriller is Tough to Endure…

  • Veere Di Wedding looks exactly like a Balaji production, all gloss and glamour and hardly any soul.

  • Despite the magnificent build-up in the first half, the second quickly begins to disintegrate, the twists and turns begin to confuse and the jokes get repetitive. It literally “suc…s” out the fun. 

  • The one thing I look forward to while watching a Neeraj Pandey film is thrill. However, this one left me sitting at the edge of my seat restlessly waiting to gasp. A classic example of a well-intentioned film that isn’t well executed! Watch this one only for honest performances and Sidharth Malhotra’s jaw-dropping good looks.

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