• Badlapur is a revenge drama full of blood bath which marks the new beginning for Varun Dhawan in Bollywood industry. Don’t miss to watch this in big screen if you are 18 years and above.

  • Qissa gets the largest measure of its strength and glory from Irrfan. Like the ghost that follows the film’s gender-challenged protagonist Qissa will haunt you forever. It takes the patriarchal obsession with the male heir to a level of lucid expression where geopolitical dislocation and gender ambivalence are locked in a visceral embrace.

  • If you love art and cinema, and cinema as art, then don’t miss this one.

  • Don’t miss the action on big screen people. Just watch it for fun, Bang Bang is a total action-packed fun entertainer for this long weekend holiday.

  • Mary Kom is an inspirational biopic from the first frame till the end. Omung Kumar has no doubt weaved the story so well that every person who watches this film will for sure get inspired.
    Priyanka Chopra’s masterclass performance goes without saying. Overall this awe strucking journey of MC Kom is all about getting inspired. There are no negatives which can be pointed out as a negative.

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