• Mere Dad Ki Maruti is just another really well made small budgeted film that tickles your funny bones, breaking you down into fits of unforced giggles and laughter! Give your popcorn a miss and enjoy this mad cap comic caper as it will be worth your time and money! Waste feil gayi, yaar!

  • There is nothing ‘ajab’ or ‘gazabb’ about this extremely ordinary rom-com. If you go in for the film with expectations, you might be disappointed. But if you go in with nothing in head, you would have a smile at the end of it all, if not be baffled by the performances. Plus Kirron Kher’s rock solid funny act deserves a watch!

  • Trying too hard to be a rip tickling comedy, yet another magical piece from Priyam sir’s hands, Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal ends up as a no brainer mindless satirical flick. Give this film a miss since you would just end up feeling that the Popcorn tub and the Cola bottle were the best things about the outing!

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