• Powered by good story telling and amazing performances, ‘Sarbjit’ is bound to sail ahead, anchored by its true spirit and commitment.

  • ‘Ki & Ka’ is a seemingly funny enterprise with a feminist theme gone awry. It’s not the theme that is at trouble here but a laid-back script coupled with an ostensibly manufactured chemistry between its promising leads. Watch it or not, ‘Ki & Ka’ prefix will enjoy its dominance over the youth – but cinematic wise – not a good picture here.

  • ‘Jai Gangaaja’ triumphs, but sadly, only at places – at other times you are inevitably reminded of ‘Gangaajal’, only wishing if the movie had the same flesh and rawness as the one before. That said, watch ‘Jai Gangaajal’ merely for its performance by Jha and Chopra and some of the other supporting cast. As far as the story is concerned – it’s the same old wine in new bottle.

  • The direction could be easily blamed for generating repetitiveness, but I beg to differ. I wouldn’t call this bad direction, but just a different treatment. The only issue I had with the film is the insistent soundtracks – although at times it only propels the narration, there are those moments when the bombardment of music breaks your focus on the script. Tame down the abrasive narration a bit too, may be?

  • Nambiar impresses us after ‘Shaitan’ and ‘David’ – although a few fight sequences could have been more unique and luscious to the eyes. The first movie of 2016 is here – watch if you like chess, Amitabh and Farhan – and ready to ignore the obvious, yet minor cinematic pitfalls.

  • Overall, ‘Tamasha’ is a definite watch for all those who believe in love and the fact that people change, but not always for reasons of their own, but because of the world they live in. A clear picture of how twisted your life can become, under the painful currents of life. But, the clear winners in this ‘drama’ are the protagonists, more than the story itself.

  • A perfect recipe made out of crackling humour, love-teased cameo, family drama and a few ‘wake up’ moments of life. This brings us to the climax of the film which was the best. Oh what a ‘raita failau’ closure Bahl gives to the movie!

  • …is compelling. If it were served like a food, it can be said, it was the meat of a meal with its vintage-like cinematography, pace and drama. And an ensemble that lived up-to its expectation.

  • Prabhudheva’s SIB sure packs a punch but for those who are looking for a great Punjabi tadka ride. But for those looking for essence and story, well, the long and short of it is, there’s no story.

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