• JTHJ will possibly not be heralded as a landmark film, it won’t run for weeks together like its other predecessor from the production house; however it’s one of the better romances to come out of Bollywood in recent times. Yes it’s sloppy, yes it’s amusingly clichéd, loopholes/facts hard to look past, but SRK makes it work, one aviator-clad stubble form, one honest act, one engaging performance. Maybe sometimes that’s all there is, Jab Tak Hai Khan.

  • Since the basic premise is already known via the films promos, waiting for the ‘what-happens-eventually’ is a tad bit tiring given the run time. Even as we get to the final reels of the film, they aren’t as indulging and as a viewer leaves you mildly disappointed. The makers seem to have unconsciously kept the plot simple and unfortunately didn’t go all out to wow the audiences. While the second half picks up decently, and makes up for in entertainment value, an extra twist would have been a neat cherry on top. Nonetheless, Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana is a well put together recipe of standard desi ingredients treated with a slightly different method. Don’t go looking for any secret ingredient to make this one extra-delish and you should be in for a good treat.

  • All praises aside Barfi isn’t short of its minuses. There are moments when the film gets droopy, with two of the primary three characters not having any dialogues; the silence gets unnerving that you fight the urge to not get distracted. However thankfully Ranbir flawless act saves the day.With heaps of charm and poignancy, Barfi traces human spirit, relationships, thru chaplinesque comedy in some parts and smiles through tears in many others. You get as involved in Barfi’s journey as all his fellow co-stars and you’re taken on this breezy ride with the right amounts of effervescence, leaving you with warmth in your heart.

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