• All the glamour and the sensational allure of Madhur’s great Bollywood expose is let down by a limp screenplay, lame dialogues and an astonishing two and a half hr runtime. Sadly it was such a good material at hand, sadly none of it is explored to the best of its potential, sadly none of it is as earnest as the lead trying to play it.

  • As far as entertaining storytelling goes, Cocktail is far from being that. As the clock crawls by, the story goes from nothing to nowhere. Even as the first half with its free-spirit, cheerful vibes, and breezy treatment has you savoring the mix and going hic hic hurray, the second half just like a hangover the morning after makes you feel nauseous and dizzy.

  • CDKC is a reiteration that Tusshar cannot work his way in solo-hero projects. The only respite then to this cinematic insult is a feisty performance by Kulraj Randhwa, who true to her on-screen name ‘chandni’ lights up the proceedings with her screen presence. Her dialogue delivery is sharp, chemistry with each of her co-actors is convincing.

  • Always Kabhi Kabhi is a badly spread collage of multiple adolescent issues that have been dealt with in Bollywood in the past. It looks pretty in bits but fails miserably to invoke any emotions, impart any social message or at its very least entertain.

  • eh Faasley is one those very few movies that works quite the opposite, the inconsistencies in the screenplay impossible to reason with.

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