• This Shah Rukh-Kajol starrer is an absolute entertainer…

  • Zarine and Daisy’s acting skills make you curse Salman Khan for having introduced them to the world. Vishal throws in a few twists but they fail to hold one’s attention. His biggest failure is the weak narrative, the flow of which is often broken by songs that don’t deserve a listen. In a nutshell, “Hate Story 3” is so bad it makes “MSG: The Messenger” look good.

  • Tamasha knows where it’s going but takes an unnecessary detour.

  • Trust me when I write getting slow-roasted over fire is a little less painful than watching Miss Item Girl get frisky with senior actor Mr. Puri, that too on a big, big screen. Shoddy narrative laced with dramatic dialogues, this film cannot be saved in any way.

  • Having churned small-scale films like “99”, “Shor in The City” and “Go Goa Gone”, this fare did come across a struggling attempt to paint a larger canvas for the directors. However, the side-splitting humour and the well-crafted narrative is a plus and ferries the boat pretty well.
    The witty one-liners by Govinda, Saif’s inimitable charm and “G Phaad Ke” are the high-points of the film.

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