• Ugly is not your cheerful holiday movie but the kind of film that must be seen. Its serves as a brutal mirror to society and is likely to do more so for parents. It will act as a wake up call and stir up realisations that perhaps you’ve been ignoring. Not everyone has a taste for an Anurag Kashyap film but if there is one Anurag Kashyap film you’re to watch, it should be Ugly.

  • Bang Bang is a string of scenes as unexplainable as the one before it. From the get go you’re confused and even once the film concludes you’re not quite sure what happened in that final hospital scene. Did he just quit his job, did they betray him or is he just taking a hiatus? By that time your brain is numb and your care factor is zero. I wouldn’t call Bang Bang unwatchable but it sure as hell comes pretty close.

  • On the whole Omung’s debut as a biopic was a quite the challenging task but he handles the genre reasonably well. As with any biopic great casting means half the job may just be done and in this case getting Priyanka right is what made the film work.

  • To sum up, is Faltu the thing to opt for to start off the now revived film season and to celebrate India’s victory? Yes! It may have technical faults here and there but from a bird’s eye view it’s a complete film that is not to be missed. Although a youthful entertainer, it’s a film for the whole family and one that parents’ truly ought to see. So, don’t be faltu any longer and don’t miss out on Faltu!

  • …a movie that needs to be studied by students of cinema and makers of Bollywood. The movie teaches a valuable lesson which is that you don’t need an “out of this world” script in order to make an “out of this world” movie. This one is without a doubt, one of the masterpieces of 2007!

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