• Despite the party pooper of an ending and that nauseating love story, Raja Natwarlal, for much of its running time is very watchable. Just that in its effort to reach out to the lowest common denominator, Bollywood stoops a little too low and stops well short.

  • His usual routine is to first run a mile or so, then jump high up in the air and come down with a thump on the head of whoever is unfortunate enough to be around. He follows that up with the regulatory “Wham! Bam! Pow!” punches and then whips off his belt and goes on a lashing spree. Since all this happens in slo-mo, the film clocks all those extra minutes.

  • Serial kisser meets serial killer as Murder 2 tries to con you into a korean copy..

  • Double Dhamaal has no intentions of tickling you. The idea is to torment you. Everyone’s eyes are perennially popped out, their mops of hair raised and there’s so much of jumping and falling going around, this kind of slapstick really deserves both: a slap and a stick.

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