• Finding Fanny would have been an extremely low-budget NFDC-produced festival-friendly arthouse film with a set of talented NSD graduates. But here with Fox Star Studios pumping in a lot of money and Homi getting his superstar friends to star in it, this has been pitched as the big Bolly release of the week. Well, if you’re just a Deepika fan you might find Fanny, but otherwise your search for the fun weekend film might run out of fuel.

  • This is clearly a eulogy to one of India’s greatest sporting heroes and even though the biopic only swims on the surface, mainstream Indian cinema has put the spotlight on a person from the so-called wrong gender, hailing from the so-called wrong region, playing the so-called wrong sport. And that’s reason enough to award the gold to Mary Kom.

  • If you take out the unnecessary woman-on-top chanting in the end, Mardaani is a fine cop drama that brings two Bengalis back in the Bollywood game — Pradeep Sarkar and Rani Mukerji.

  • This human interest documentary chronicling the power play about power is a real live wire

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