• There is such a thing as learning too much and too soon when it comes to picking movies for your children. There is no reason for most children under the age of 13 to sit through serious lessons on moral conscience, psychology and neurology.In our opinion, Docter ought to be more like the parents in his movies: always meaning well but overbearing when required.

  • The penguins’ unflinching and relentless do-and-let’s-see-if-we-come-out-alive spirit lends itself to plenty of slapstick antics and countless unfunny puns that manage to force a chuckle or two, but the birds themselves aren’t nearly as witty as they were in the original Madagascar series. Still, the laugh-a-minute riot leaves little room for any kind of on-site evaluation and packs in punches, big and small, for fans of all sizes.

  • Whether you’ve enjoyed playing Lego by following the instructions or using your imagination, The Lego Movie is guaranteed to take you on a nostalgic trip to a time when you invested hours on elaborate constructions just to destroy them later.

  • Walt Disney Animation Studio’s latest princess movie is like a multi-million dollar musical snow globe come to life. It’s set in the gloriously detailed, picture-perfect fjord town of Arendelle, with two wide-eyed, porcelain-skinned princess sisters and a catchy singsong soundtrack by award-winning Broadway composers. When shaken up in 3-D, it conjures marvellous aurora borealis skies and exhilarating blizzards. If it isn’t snowing where you are already, there’s really only way to watch this film—with the air conditioner on full blast.

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