• …clichés aside (there’s plenty of Virji, Biji, Bapuji, you get the drift), HSKD is a romcom perfect for cuddling up with your loved one in the irresistible rainy season. It’s food for our sappy souls. Make it your weekend watch… Go fall in love.

  • At two hours and twenty minutes, this film is a drag. Plan your own road trip this weekend instead.

  • Though indulgent in parts, Ek Villain packs in a punch. Copy of a Korean film or not, it’s ‘good’ paisa vasool entertainment. Make it your weekend watch.

  • MTH is a good weekend watch with your family, girlfriend or gang of friends. This is pure popcorn entertainment made for hero worshiping masses. And the silver lining is Varun Dhawan, a treasure chest of talent. The next big hero waiting to happen.

  • This quirky rom-com is packed with chaos, drama and ample laughs. And its USP lies in the vibe and chemistry that the lead actors share, making it likable and a very attractive young romance…HTP is one of the most refreshing boy-meets-girl films to have been made in recent times. So go watch this zany, new-age date movie. This is one date you won’t regret.

  • …is not perfect. But it has all the elements a good, entertaining film must have. All you Marvel superheroes, better watch out. Krrish is here to stay.

  • All in all, Karan’s SOTY world is surreal and spectacular yet it has moments that will bring you back to reality and warm the cockles of your heart. This is escapism at its best. Oh and girls, there’s enough brawn to keep you drooling!

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