• The sixth entry in the blockbuster franchise which first vroomed across the multiplexes in 2001 focuses squarely on what the gearheads want: tyre-screeching mayhem, death-defying heroics and camera-caressing femmes.

  • Young audiences will soak up plenty of colour and relate to the bunch of goofy characters from prehistoric times. Briskly paced, the escapades of the surviving clan of cave dwellers also manage to provide a family-friendly message about filial duty, co-existence and self-discovery.

  • A tale full of sound, fury and state-of-the-art special effects, Life Of Pi is a one-of-a-kind dazzler. Oscars ahoy!

  • Russell convincingly manages a risky blend of humour, sadness and genuine unpredictability. In one of his rare recent film roles, Chris Tucker is in fine fettle as the inmate forever attempting to flee the loony bin. And our own Anupam Kher fetches up in the small but significant role of a somewhat ineffectual therapist.
    A comedy-drama with a subversive tone, Silver Linings Playbook is recommended for romantic cinephiles.

  • With its consistent invention and visual deftness, Zambezia provides popcorn-ready entertainment for the entire family.

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