• Still, …Infinity War is a treat, and a welcome addition to the now-decade-old Avengers series. Already, we can’t wait for the next one.

  • Director Rian Johnson has made the best, most spiritual Star Wars movie since the Empire Strikes Back. It is one of the finest blockbusters of the year.

  • The far-fetched but equitable resolution will likely warm the cockles of genre geeks’ hearts.

  • Atomic Blonde has a messy Cold War-era espionage plot that would not have worked at all had it not been for two things — Charlize Theron, and a host of crisply choreographed action sequences. Following physically demanding roles in Mad Max: Fury Road and Fast & Furious 8, Theron consolidates her reputation as the toughest heroine of the new millennium.

  • Dunkirk is one of the greatest war movies ever made – it’s certainly the tightest, most unwaveringly propulsive film of Christopher Nolan’s career. But it’s also as meditative as The Thin Red Line, as brutal as Saving Private Ryan, and sometimes, even as surreal as Apocalypse Now.

    It deserves to be seen big and loud.

  • Heartwarming, compassionate and wholly human, The Big Sick is highly recommended.

  • The film occasionally loses momentum, especially in its exposition-heavy first half. Overall, The Founder does not amount to a gourmet meal, but it’s worth a drive-through.

  • Ambitious, cerebral and profound, Arrival is a one-of- a-kind big-screen experience. The pulsating background music score by the Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson adds immensely to it, and the finale will leave you gasping in awe.

  • Suffused with cover versions of such chart-topping tunes as ‘Hello’, ‘True colours’ and ‘The sound of silence’, it also features a rousing rendition of the theme song ’Can’t stop the feeling’, by Timberlake.
    The cheerfulness of Trolls is infectious. Go for it.

  • All seen and savoured, Secret Life of Pets makes for an ideal rainy-day matinée.

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