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Silver Linings Playbook

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After spending eight months in a mental institution, a former teacher moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife.Wikipedia

Silver Linings Playbook Reviews


Silver Linings Playbook, under its bittersweet exterior, explores themes of family, second chances, and notions of what is “normal” in the world. Relying on humor – often dark humor – to tell what is eventually an upbeat, feel-good story, the film quickly finds a place in your heart and stays with you long after you’ve left the cinema.

Anupama Chopra


Silver Linings Playbook is that rare thing - a romance with genuine chemistry, emotional heft and an edgy sense of humor that finds laughter in the darkest of places. Director David O. Russell creates a layered family drama that offers a real insight into the strain of living with mental illness. And yet, Silver Linings Playbook never becomes heavy or depressing because, as Pat puts it, it’s all about having a shot at the silver lining.

Shalini Langer
Indian Express


It's how well the characters are etched, in white and grey and the varying shades in between, that makes the first half of Silver Linings Playbook, directed and written for the screen by David O Russell from a Matthew Quick book, such a delight.

Rashid Irani
Hindustan Times


Russell convincingly manages a risky blend of humour, sadness and genuine unpredictability. In one of his rare recent film roles, Chris Tucker is in fine fettle as the inmate forever attempting to flee the loony bin. And our own Anupam Kher fetches up in the small but significant role of a somewhat ineffectual therapist.A comedy-drama with a subversive tone, Silver Linings Playbook is recommended for romantic cinephiles.

One would wonder how funny a story about a train-wreck of a marriage, two clinically neurotic people fighting their inner demons and compulsive bookmaking can be. One would wonder before watching David O Russell’s delightful romance-comedy-drama Silver Linings Playbook.

Srijana Mitra Das
Times Of India


Straight up, Silver Linings Playbook (SLP) is a lovely movie with a heart of caramel - and an occasionally brilliant mind. The story's endearingly intelligent - "I apologise on behalf of Ernest Hemmingway!" yells Pat breaking a window, outraged by a novel's sad ending - perfumed by quirky, unconventional romance, celebrating a love for life that hurts and heals together. There are tiny quibbles - it could've had a tangent less - but at the end, you're left with pure silver lining and no cloud.

Daniel Pinto
DNA India


While the story takes a definite turn for the cloying later on, the seamless manner where it switches back and forth from the domain of quirky light-hearted comedy and probing – occasionally upsetting - emotional drama is ingenious. The performances and unerring visual grammar are some reasons why the film is one of the best of 2012 and should not be missed.

Tushar Joshi
DNA India


There is certain madness in each one of us. It isn’t healthy to contain that madness at all times. When you let go, you see the silver lining behind that dark cloud. That’s what David O Russell’s quirky drama about two individuals – Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) dealing with their own situation in the most unexpected way is all about.


The uncomplicated tale about two people on the edge leaves a warm afterglow, leaving scope for the mind's juices to flow. Silver Linings Playbook is exceptional for eight reasons really, evidenced by the film's eight Oscar nominations. It is in the running for best director, film, adapted screenplay, editing, actor, actress, supporting actor and supporting actress.

Towards the end of the film Lawrence takes on the football crazy family and delivers a rapid-fire monologue that pretty much annihilates everyone else in the room. By the end of her monologue I found myself standing up and clapping, having fallen completely in love with Miss Lawrence. I’d be surprised if you don’t experience something similar.

Troy Ribeiro


With this film, the director has once again proved his mettle. He delivers a realistic picture of what manic behaviour in a family looks like. The script never lapses into mundane or uninteresting language. The scenes are well sculpted and amplified by the intimacy and focus of the director and his actors.


The first two-thirds of the film, the “getting to know each other” scenes of Cooper and Lawrence with the funny take on their mental conditions – just love it! But then the film turns into a drab predictable mushy rom-com. All of a sudden you feel you’re watching a different film with different characters even though it’s the same set of actors. A clichéd ending, yes seems like all mental illnesses can be cured by a big dance number. Quite trite, Russel takes the easy way out.

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