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The Secret Life of Pets

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The action comedy is set in a Manhattan apartment building. After the two-legged residents head for work and school, their pets gather to start their day, which consists of hanging out, trading humiliating stories about their owners, and helping each other work up adorable looks that will lead to more snacks. The head hound is a quick-witted terrier rescue (Louis C.K.), whose position at the epicenter of his master’s universe is suddenly threatened when she comes home with Duke (Stonestreet), a sloppy mongrel with no polish. The two soon find themselves on the mean streets of New York, where they meet the adorable white bunny Snowball (Hart). It turns out that Snowball is the leader of an army of pets that were abandoned and are determined to get back at humanity and every owner-loving pet. The dogs must thwart this plot and make it back in time for dinner.Wikipedia

The Secret Life of Pets Reviews

Shalini Langer
Indian Express


The film ends up being about two hostile animals in mortal peril till they literally come out swimming.

Rashid Irani
Hindustan Times


All seen and savoured, Secret Life of Pets makes for an ideal rainy-day matinée.

Reviewer Profile
Deccan Chronicle


The greatest accomplishment of the film — as of say, a Baby’s Day Out — is their assimilation of the diverse landscapes of the city itself.


It wouldn't take much of a stretch of imagination to think that the filmmakers themselves love animals. All in all, Pets comes across as a breath of fresh air in the world of animated films.

Bryan Durham
DNA India


TSLOP makes for a great evening out with friends and children. It is a rather straightforward tale about pets, the importance of friendship and being there for one another when it matters most. And that while there are bad humans (think: the Chennai medical college students) here’s a reminder that there are good, kind ones, too. And it doesn’t hurt, that it’s rather funny, too.


Well-made, well thought out and slickly executed, The Secret Life Of Pets is one of the funniest animated movies in recent years. Pet lovers especially will enjoy this kooky concoction of cute and sass.

The film has a brisk pace, but the story is pretty much well-trodden and playing to type. Also the plotline goes beserk trying to invent an adventure that might not seem all that plausible or affecting. If you are a dog lover, you will love this all the way through. If you are a pet lover (and I mean a generic one) you will find this a harmless entertainer but if you hate pets or are allergic to them, then you might not be wholeheartedly impressed by their shenanigans on screen. And that’s the way this cookie crumbles.


You certainly won’t look at your pets the same way again! The tagline says it all: ‘Ever wonder what your pets do when you’re not home?’ Guess we’ll never really know…

Kinetic at times, colourful and with scattered humour, The Secret Life Of Pets is a treat for children, but offers no great insights into the secret life of pets.

The Secret Life of Pets won’t stay with you for long, but while you’re watching it, it’s impossible to ignore.


The Secret Life of Pets is beautifully realised but often misses the zaniness of Despicable Me and Minions (which was co-directed by Renaud and Pierre Coffin). The dialogue is less funny than the antics of the scatterbrain animals and birds.



Visually the 3D effects and the computer generated animated images are marvellous. The animals are perfectly anthropomorphized. And the engaging voices of the ace-star cast resonate with the right blend of emotions.The Secret Life of Pets is an attractive film that would appeal to pet lovers.


So even though none of this is wholly original, I laughed all the way through The Secret Life of Pets - even at jokes that were really dumb or obvious or broad, because they were so expertly written and delivered.This is a kid's movie through and through - but for anyone who has loved some furry creature or the other, you'll absolutely love this one.

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