• Go watch Dangal. In a year in which Indian sportswomen lifted the entire country’s spirits with their performances, Dangal is the perfect icing on the cake. You will walk out with a smile on your face, and what better way than that to end the year?

  • It has been a while since the audience in Prasads clapped after a movie. Today, once the morning show ended, the clapping started slowly, but it increased in intensity and took a while to stop. Go book your tickets for Oopiri – this one’s a must watch.

  • KGVPG is fun and fresh for quite a bit of the ride. Nani will quite definitely sleep easy tonight. We’d advise you to head over to the theatres as well – this gatha is surely worth a watch.

  • Nannaku Prematho is not an easily palatable dish. It has its moments and is certainly very different when compared to regular Telugu movies, but some might find it extremely far-fetched. Go with an open mind – we are not sure what to advise you on this one.

  • There is frankly little point in us recommending (or not recommending) Baahubali – you’ll watch it anyway. But still, here it is – go watch it. Baahubali gets an A+ for intent and an A- for execution, but it is still an A.

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