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Nannaku Prematho

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Naanaku Prematho is a movie that delves on the deep bond that is shared between father and son.Wikipedia

Nannaku Prematho Reviews

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Times Of India


Nannaku Prematho is like a delectable serving of dessert with a hint of tang. The flavour may seem out of place initially because you aren't used to it. But if you try it with an open mind, you'd probably savour it.


Watch the film for the hit combination of Sukumar and Jr NTR combination. The father-son bond is reinforced in this emotional drama.


Go for this one with your family or your Junior NTR-gang of friends- this is his 25th movie and a true fan wouldn’t miss it for the world. 

Bollywood Life
Bollywood Life


Watch the film if you are a fan of the Telugu star and also if you want to watch a commercial movie with some style and character. It is surely a one time watch.

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Fully Hyderabad


Nannaku Prematho is not an easily palatable dish. It has its moments and is certainly very different when compared to regular Telugu movies, but some might find it extremely far-fetched. Go with an open mind - we are not sure what to advise you on this one.

Reviewer Profile
Great Andhra


Nannaku Prematho is mixed bag – with some stunning moments, breezy romance, and intelligent screenplay and yet it burdens the mind with some unnecessary scenes, lengthy second half. Bottomline: Too Classy and too brainy!

Nannaku Prematho is not a bad film at all. It has its moments and clever screenplay that will appeal to the educated audience. NTR and Jagapathi Babu have made it worth watching. Sukumar's brilliant screenplay will leave you awestruck at times. Having said that Nannaku Prematho may not perform well in B and C centers. People who liked 1 Nenokkadine will like this one too. But will this appeal to larger audience than 1?


Nannaku Prematho is a family entertainer that deals with a father-son sentimental relationship, which is high on action quotient. The film will carry out very well at the A centres. However, the success of the film at the box-office purely depends on how the mass audience receive it. Even though the story is a routine revenge drama, Sukumar’s intelligent screenplay makes it an interesting watch.

On the whole, Nannaku Prematho is a film where all the unnecessary commercial aspects are put aside and the focus is on the content. NTR’s solid performance and emotional content are huge assets. However, the slow pace of the film and lack of certain elements which are expected by NTR fans and mass audience will hamper the collections to an extent. Finally, Nannaku Prematho is a class act which should do well only with the A center audience.


Nannaku Prematho mesmerizes class, confuses masses.

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AP Herald


Nannaku Prematho offer a few promising moments, but remains quickly forgettable.


On overall Jr NTR and director Sukumar has succeeded showing father-son relationship in this film. Awesome script of this film will make audiences to stick on their seats. If you want, love, emotional, action and perfect family entertainer, then this film will surely makes you happy.

Nannaku Prematho is classy revenge drama. NTR’s performance and class act, Jagapathi Babu’s villainy and rich look are its strength. 

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