• For most parts, Mary Poppins Returns will put a smile on your faces and that’s why it is worth a watch.

  • Overall, Badhai Ho is a well-written, wholesome, entertaining film, simple and unpretentious, that tackles a serious subject comically, without losing out on entertainment or your attention.

  • Genius is mostly unintentionally funny because your reactions are the exact opposite to the situations on screen.

    In the end, you are left weeping not for the desh bhakt hero or his broken leg/heart, but because the movie is finally over and you can get back to your life.

  • Though many of us may believe the experiment has failed now, it was important to show how the experiment succeeded in the first place. And the movie does it beautifully.

    It can be safely said that the movie once again raises the hopes that AAP did four years ago.

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