• Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend could be a better film with a different title. …we have low hopes of this film making big bucks based on the story and execution.

  • The film is extremely exciting and gripping in the first 10 minutes but then it drags on for the rest of the first half. The second half has a promising start as we expect to see the badla that is to come but there a lot of lumpy scenes with a few cringeworthy edits. Not being a fan of anti-climax and endless connecting scenes to fill the void till some action or a fast paced scene had us taking a few points away from the film. The film’s trailer has been made from all the promising scenes and overall the film is a tad bit disappointing.

  • PK will constantly blow your sub-plots forming in your head as it never gets boring while the several layers unravel themselves. The film will make you laugh but also think about matters that we so easily ignore by shrugging our shoulders but are relevant to us.

  • You will be left traumatized and hurt when you realize that doing anything else in the world for those two hours would have been a much more productive use of your time because you would have achieved something or gained experience, you get nothing but a burning sensation to demand your money be returned. But then you need to think, there is nothing that will come to your mind that can compensate for the time and grey cells you lost while watching the film. Don’t watch it; it’s not even worth a watch when it comes on TV in a few weeks.

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