• When all is said and done, it becomes clear that this attempted sequel is nothing more than a damp squib which fails to do justice to the high standards set by the earlier parts of the series.

  • Even at a very superficial level, the basic narrative comes across as highly uninspired, unimaginative and of course mundane.
    This problem is magnified even further courtesy some lazy and half-baked writing. The screenplay, which has been written by Pooja Verma, is cliched and extremely predictable. In fact, at no point does it offer anything even remotely fresh or different.

  • Written by Gunasekhar himself, the screenplay seems a bit half-baked and rushed. It relies too much on ‘telling’ rather than ‘showing’, making it almost impossible for the viewer to connect with the situations depicted on the big screen. This problem is magnified even further by a snail-paced narrative which at times becomes a bit yawn inducing

  • Witty dialogues serve as icing on the cake: In addition to ensuring a strong emotional connect, the team behind ‘Rogue Nation must also be praised for coming up with a screenplay which contains a scoop of humour. The use of witty and catchy dialogues like ‘desperate times desperate measures’ create light moments. This in turn establishes ‘Rogue Nation’ as the complete package.

  • …is not a film but an ideal recipe for a splitting headache. Watch it only if you want to punish yourself for all the sins committed in your last life.

  • …a pathetic attempt at storytelling that reminds us that not even talented actors cannot save a film from failure if its screenplay is an abominable mess.

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