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Wedding Pullav

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Wedding Pullav is an Indian romantic comedy film, directed by Binod Pradhan and produced by Shashi Ranjan and Anu Ranjan.Wikipedia

Wedding Pullav Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


Everything is predictable. These are new faces, and yet everything they do smacks of staleness. Overused themes can be infused with freshness only if the treatment is right: here, all elements are borrowed from older films and used so clunkily as to extinguish all freshness.


Even at a very superficial level, the basic narrative comes across as highly uninspired, unimaginative and of course mundane.This problem is magnified even further courtesy some lazy and half-baked writing. The screenplay, which has been written by Pooja Verma, is cliched and extremely predictable. In fact, at no point does it offer anything even remotely fresh or different.

Wedding Pullav is badly cooked. Dig into it at your own risk.

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


...seems like a never-ending wedding video of an acquaintance, you feel nothing for. It's loaded with mandatory party/ wedding songs, honeymoon jokes, friendly banter, mummiji's drama, et al. What the film lacks is heart and scrumptious food!

The lead actors – debutante Anushka and Diganth – stutter through their performances, and a coterie of character actors mouth mindless lines and act out ridiculous situations as if they are sleepwalking. Rishi Kapoor makes a fleeting appearance as a benevolent stranger, but he seems out of sorts in a screenplay as hackneyed as this one. With its bad jokes and mediocre dialogue, this pullav – to use another cliché – is unpalatable.

The film's poor script and screenplay, doubled up with sloppy editing lands up making a 'khichdi' of the dish called 'WEDDING PULLAV'. On the whole, WEDDING PULLAV is a dish that is best avoided as it is bound to leave a bad taste.


Ace cinematographer Binod Pradhan helms the director’s chair for Wedding Pullav. No wonders then that the visuals of the film, in the locales of Thailand look spectacular. But the storytelling lacks focus and the execution of the ideas seems trite. Perhaps things would’ve been different with a better set of lead actors and a more established filmmaker on board. But for now, Wedding Pullav is an undercooked film, lacking the right kind of spice and flavour.


...is not only banal but it's tiresomely boring cause it fails to get the audience to identify, like, sympathize with the lead characters...

If you are expecting novelty, go to the next screen. With 'Wedding Pullav', all you get is predictability mixed with unpalatable execution. With no distinct taste or flavour, this film makes for a huge disappointment - an indigestible pullav

Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta's Blog


...will not find many takers because it is too routine, too predictable and too plastic. Flop.

Zee News


Humour is forced and the dialogues are shallow, frivolous and lacks class. The classification of the families too, seem grossly mismatched making the entire Pullav hackneyed and difficult to digest.

Juhi Matta


Wedding Pullav is a light-hearted romantic drama that delivers what it promises. It features scenic locales, promising young actors and groovy songs. Watch it if you want to watch a sweet, if slightly cliched, romantic comedy this weekend.

India Glitz


The movie has nothing good or new to survive in the box office race.

Kunal Guha
Mumbai Mirror


Pullav is a delectable preparation, but this one will result in an upset stomach. Go for khichdi instead.

Reviewer Profile
The Hindu


Staying hungry is a better idea than trying this cold Pullav...


The insipid writing, functional performances by an ensemble cast that includes Satish Kaushik, Kitu Gidwani and Parmeet Sethi, and contrived emotions add up into a stale serving of a cinematic sub-category that has run its course.

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