• A must-watch for people who enjoy crass and situational humor. Horrible Bosses 2 is a slapstick comedy that will make you laugh till you drop. The film is complete entertainment package with a stupendous cast, rib-tickling dialogues and an engaging climax. So this weekend, go on a hilarious caper with the comical trio Nick-Kurt-Dale.

  • It truly is a cinematic moment worth experiencing when a group of soldiers who are just a bullet away from death chant “Best job ever!”. Fury is undoubtedly a hardcore, serious film that will stun you with its power-packed presentation. With stupendous performances by A-list actors, this movie is definitely recommended for one and all.

  • Garm Hava is a classic, timeless drama with a heartfelt story set after the Indo-Pak partition. The film has several prestigious awards to its name and an ensemble cast of legendary actors. A film that promises an intense plot, strong dialogues by the legendary Kaifi Azmi and stupendous performances, it is definitely a must-watch for all ages. So this weekend, treat your family to the digitally-restored edition of this classic masterpiece of 1974…

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