• If you’re the sort of horror junkie who feeds on Hollywood and Japanese versions (Japan is to horror what Italy is to pizza), don’t expect to see something you haven’t seen before. But by Bollywood standards, this film easily outdoes most of what passes for horror.

    As pizzas go, this is Peppy Paneer. Far from authentic, but still enjoyable, as long as it’s well made.

  • go see Sholay only because it’s an opportunity to see it again on the big screen, to see a young Amitabh and Dharmendra, and to introduce your kids to it. They might complain it’s a bit long, but the gimmick of 3D should help convince them to come along.

  • It would be a mistake to judge Wasseypur for factual correctness. Kashyap shows familiarity with this world in his attention to detail – the typical Hindi accents, the Ray Ban shades, the pager. But they enhance the flavour rather than the facts. Wasseypur is as much a celebration of small-town India as it is a sinister revenge tragedy. If the subject wasn’t so gory, you’d call it charming.

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