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Fire in the Blood

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An intricate tale of medicine, monopoly and malice, FIRE IN THE BLOOD tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs for the countries of the global south in the years after 1996 - causing ten million or more unnecessary deaths - and the improbable group of people who decided to fight back.

Fire in the Blood Reviews


Don’t miss Fire in the Blood. It tells you how YOU can help save lives.

Sarit Ray
Hindustan Times


A film that is as riveting as it is engaging, Fire… emerges as the perfect vehicle for a powerful message that has been lost in the cacophony of social media networks and 24x7 news cycles. It is well-shot, sharply edited, and has a fluent, convincing narrative.

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


It's well shot, well edited and has the right music to set the mood. "Fire in the Blood" is an important film; it's a story that needed to be told to the world. Dialogues like, "People are dying and the medicines are in my briefcase." makes you angry, very angry!

Some of the facts in Fire in the Blood may only represent the surface level of the problem, and the film’s cutaways to an impoverished Africa tend to get a bit repetitive after a point. Gray’s cameras introduce us to various people in India and Africa who contracted HIV but are still alive due to their access to inexpensive medicines in the country.


If good intentions made a documentary, then Fire in the Blood would be brilliant. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. Real-life stories like the ones in this documentary demand, and deserve, more.

Siddhi Palande


This film is 84 minutes of sheer illumination and education. It is not to be missed.

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