• Highway is a kind of film which might polarize the views again (hopefully this time to a lesser degree than Rockstar). Some might feel the minimalist treatment and a bit of unbelievability of this film quite uninteresting. But this approach stands on the other side of the cinematic range that a filmmaker like Imtiaz Ali employs in his film. We don’t get to see these kinda of films, usually, in the plethora of blockbuster films that are made of at present (which are fun too in its own way!) The director has taken this story and has stamped his own signature style over it, but with the difference.

  • Does writing about a movie which was made 26 years ago and is getting released now has to qualify in the context of reviewing a film? A movie which has already being hailed as a cult classic; one of the main proponents of a certain kind of voice in cinema. For a more clear definition (just for now ), we can call it absurdist cinema.

  • Those who are attuned to watch watch world cinema and those who have an affinity for the pulp cinema of that kind, are prone to like the movie. For the rest, can’t say as Miss Lovely is a courageous and secured attempt to bring forward a story in highly stylized fashion.

  • What is truly remarkable about the movie is that inspite of being a movie which is full of drugs, cocaine and wild parties, it manages to save itself from the glorification of such a life. But then, that is just the job half-done. The other half includes turning the film back to the audience to make them really think whether it was really worth to live a life like this? Does it have some value? The audience would have gotten their own answers only if The Wolf of Wall Street would have managed to to do that.

  • All those who love the sci-fi genre will find the film entertaining, yet they will leave the theater with a sense of dissatisfaction as we haven’t seen a classic piece of work in that genre for a long time. In terms of comparison with previous movies released this year, it is one of the best so far, but genuinely could have been better if Elysium would have manged to escape the constraints of convention.

  • Captures the confused attitude of today`s youth towards love and commitment, Bollywood style!

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