• Not for a moment undermining his efforts, I would like to call this as a serious case of miscasting. Farhan’s body language and diction seemed too ‘posh’ to have been brought up in the rustic conditions that Milkha Singh was. In fact, the boy who played younger Milkha was far more believable. A tad unfair comparison maybe, but Irrfan’s effortlessly believable portrayal of ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ kept coming back to me.

  • Vikramaditya Motwane has painted this film in West Bengal and Dalhousie and set it in the ’50s era. Yes, I used the word painted because this film is more than just a film. It is more like one of those beautiful paintings that you get mesmerised by when you come across them in old palaces or museums.

  • Watch this at least once, for many reasons. Dhanush is the main one. I should say this again, what a superb actor.

  • No one unabashedly owns up to their weaknesses and celebrates their strengths like the Deols do.This one’s not a classic by any standard, but watch it once if the mention of Dharmendra brings a warm smile to your face.

  • The characters are no novelty, they have been seen umpteen times earlier. But it is the treatment that makes it ‘alag’ and the credit must go to the director with a mature, sorted head on his young shoulders. Watch this at least once.

  • A better treatment, a more sharply edited film and this story could have been turned into a thrilling fare. But unfortunately, the movie moves at such a meandering and self-indulgent pace that after a point you stop caring if it moves forward or sideways.

  • An opportunity made to go waste by director Sonam Nair, specially considering she got oodles of acting talent on her side.

  • I Am Kalam stands for what Chhotu firmly believes in. You make your own destiny, which he picked up from a speech by APJ Kalam. At a time, when children seem bereft of the right idol to emulate, I Am Kalam shows the way.

  • From the first scene, ‘D-Day’ takes you firmly into its grip and holds you tight. With an innovative story idea, adept editing, fantastic execution and good performances, it is immensely watchable, at least once.

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