• Even though Arunoday can barely pass off as a young student in his early 20s, he is earnest and gives a decent performance. Kher yet again shows his brilliance as an actor as you want to believe him even when he is spouting the most unbelievable, silly lines in the film. Joshi reminds us of the naturally talented actress that she is, and one wishes to see more of her.

  • No point in reviewing something which is clearly intended to be a video of self propagation. We walked out of the theatre at interval. No, not just because of the assault on our senses, but also because of the stifling atmosphere that was created around us in the theatre.

  • While generally when epic and legendary movies are tampered with, they end up getting mauled and unrecognisable, Sholay in 3D format surprisingly works in its favour.

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