• Rhea fails to impress, Ali Fazal stuck playing arm candy…The film solely rests on Chakraborty’s Sonali and ironically enough, that’s why for most of Sonali Cable, the audience feels disconnected.

  • For those who like the saccharine and stereotype-powered Bollywood romances, the turnaround comes too late. For those who like quirk, the ending is a disappointment because it jars against what Adajania has in the rest of the film.

  • The most fun moment in Phata Poster Nikla Hero is the one in which Salman Khan makes a cameo appearance. It lasts for just about two minute, which means for hours, you just sit there wondering what on earth you’re watching.

  • If Chennai Express is a comedy for which you have to leave your brains outside the movie theatre, then OUATIMD is a drama for which you’re better off not venturing out of the house at all.

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