• Given the twists and turns, John Abraham starrer Romeo Akbar Walter comes across as a convoluted and tedious mess

  • For a story that hasn’t been attempted on celluloid so far, Paltan could have been interesting. Unfortunately, it is high on desh bhakti and low on the content in the script

  • Zaveri writes dialogues that are certain to inspire applause. But, given that it is sculpted to be a masala entertainer, the film is heavy only on action, not emotion.

  • The story picks up from where it left the viewers in Vishwaroop, but unnecessary flashbacks and subplots take away from the narrative rather than adding to it

  • The problem lies with the execution — as a viewer, there are so many questions that come to your mind that 20 minutes into the film, you stop caring about the proceedings

  • Race 3 will be taught in film schools, year after year, when they’re conducting the ‘How to Make a Really Good Bad Film’ lecture. Director Remo D’Souza, now all set to deliver yet another hit, had a simple brief in mind: to make a hotch-potch of Hum Saath Saath Hai and Dhoom!

  • What follows is murder, blackmail and revenge. But you need not worry about that because these elements are mere fillers. The film is primarily about heaving bosoms, in-your-face breasts and umpteen steamy sex scenes.

  • Chadha is a misfit, failing to look earnestly distressed. Koechlin tries to sail the sinking ship, but doesn’t succeed either. The old theory ‘so bad, it’s good’ also doesn’t work for this one. Give it a miss.

  • The film tells you that India isn’t safe for women, especially young girls but in the recent times films like ‘Pink’, ‘Mom’ and even ‘Maatr’ have dealt with the subject in a mature way. ‘Bhoomi’ is not quite the re-entry to Bollywood that Dutt’s fans had been expecting. But it still justifies a trip to the theaters just for the man.

  • The problem, however, lies in the second half. The drama runs thin as the film starts to drag. Jokes become repetitive and silly, and the climax is poorly executed.
    The film makes its point in a manner that’s all too preachy.

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