• Emma Watson and Dan Stevens have all the tools they need to recreate the love story of Belle and Prince Adam but what they are missing is a touch of magic.

  • Jackie offers a window through time into the life of Jacqueline Kennedy but you wouldn’t want to believe it is due to the exorbitantly larger than life treatment that it gets. The film tried exceptionally hard to be exceptional and it seeps through the seams just enough to make you feel disenchanted.

  • The desperation to make something out of nothing was spilling over in the twist that didn’t fit with the film we just spent an hour and a half breaking our heads over.

    Do better Will Smith. You deserve so much better. We deserve so much better.

  • Beware of mothers breaking bad into gooey marshmallows…

  • Finding Dory is a good and safe bet for your weekend movie cravings, but that’s about it. You can try to tell yourself that it teaches you to use your shortcomings to your advantage and other motivational stuff but nobody will truly believe that when the story is convenient. Be sure, you will laugh, your kids will laugh but be also sure, you will not cry.

  • Philippe Petit was an amazing amalgamation of talent and courage (which many would call insanity) who made the impossible, possible. Watch this film for Levitt’s great portrayal of Petit, Zemeckis’ great visual effects and also the greatness of the feat achieved by the artist.

  • While Minions are insanely cute and do offer you short spells of laughter, this is nothing to go bananas over.

  • American Sniper fails to effectively answer the questions it raises and truth be told, Bradley Cooper’s performance was the only thing that ‘hit the mark’.

  • It maintains the light and often humorous spirit of the prequel franchise and still manages to remind us we are coming close to the actual LOTR with its lessons in the sins of greed and avarice.

  • The only way you can enjoy this mindless film is by looking at the fun side of the ‘witty punishments’ the vigilante foursome unleashes on its victims. Ah yes, even the dialogues: They are so miserable that you just cannot the miss their fun side.

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