• This one is purely for those who love serious, meaningful cinema like the kinds of Masaan, and the ones who adore a gifted talent called Nawazuddin Siddiqui. If you are one of those, please book your tickets asap (i.e. if you haven’t watched the leaked copy by now. And if you have, you missed the larger experience! The laptop screen really doesn’t register the impact of a small man working against the mountain!).

  • No two ways about it. Bangistan is a huge disappointment, especially since it came from the stable of Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. As for the director, we recommend you to watch the 2010 British film Four Lions, to understand how to make a farce film on terrorism that entertains as well!

  • Though movie certainly has a lot of flaws, it is still a decent entertainer, especially when you are aware that it came from the Adam Sandler stable. Go with the least of expectations, and you won’t come out disappointed!

  • The secondary characters, including Lauren Gottlieb, are weak and listless. The climax will make your jaw drop with the sheer amount of absurdity displayed. And it ends in a cliffhanger that totally disregards the final conflict. That’s real lazy writing, dude!

    Watch Filmistan instead.

  • If you are ones who found Sajid Khan movies funny or Navjot Singh Siddhu’s jokes hilarious, this movie will work for you. The rest who are dreamers like me, that are waiting for that one great comedy that will keep us chuckling even after the show is over, well…that wait just got longer…

  • Even if you are an ardent Anurag fan and are expecting another Gangs of Wasseypur, better give it a miss instead of getting monumentally disappointed. However, if you have nothing else to do this weekend and want to have a feeling of how Bombay…sorry Mumbai looked like in the ‘60s, it’s worth taking that risk.

  • I would not even recommend this movie to Sunny Leone fans. Compared to KKLH, even Jism 2 feels like Citizen Kane (Okay, now I am going over-the-top!). Can anyone recommend a nice painkiller for a throbbing headache?

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