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Bangistan is a film that follows the lives of two blundering terrorists on a mission to change the world. Riteish Deshmukh and Pulkit Samrat play the young guns with lofty ideologies but ordinary talent who keep pace with a series of serendipitous high-energy, fast-paced, and exceptionally entertaining events that has a huge impact on world peace.Wikipedia

Bangistan Reviews


Film critic-turned-filmmaker Karan Anshuman shows flashes of wit and potential in his occasionally clever nods to classic films. But saddled with a script that's neither funny nor biting enough, he delivers a film that barely takes off.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


The film finds its laughs in the odd moment, but comes off, over all, flat and tepid.

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Stay away from this one and don't even think of spending a penny of your hard earned money on Bangistan. Instead, go to Pakistan or Afghanistan!!!

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Bangistan races through with a nice tempo, only to be brought to an abrupt halt with its highly predictable, and 'heroic’ (read Bollywood-ised) climax. Still, it’s left with a lot of watchable and well thought-out moments. Bangistan deserves applause for its message-oriented content.

Kusumita Das
Deccan Chronicle


Bangistan stands on ground zero. In T.S. Eliot's famous words, the film begins and ends 'not with a bang, but with a whimper'.

Bangistan is eventually reduced to being a satire on the notion of a satire, falling tremendously short of a bang for your buck.

It careens out of control before you can say bang and hurtles scratchily down a path that hits a dead-end all too quickly. Stay out of the way.If you really desire to visit Krakow, pack your bags and spare yourself a Bangistan detour.

Meena Iyer
Times Of India


Despite the dry choice of subject, Bangistan makes valiant attempts to keep the humour alive during its two-hour running time.The characters of Riteish and Pulkit, who do not have a single mean bone in their bodies, are convincing as the Dumb and Dumber combo; blundering bumpkins who are a misfit on a terror journey.

“Bangistan” is a truly misguided attempt at satirizing religion. It neither engages, nor entertains.

Sarita Tanwar
DNA India


For a comedy film, 'Bangistan' has very little humour. You go into see a light, funny film but you soon realise this one is too preachy and predictable to achieve that.

Suhani Singh
India Today


Good intent doesn't translate into a good movie. As Pravin and Hafeez engage in religious discourse, they get a better understanding of their own religion. But these scenes are so contrived that they irk more than enlighten. By the time the wannabe terrorists have a change of heart and head and turn peace activists, the audience is exasperated with the events.

I would advise not really spending on this ticket over the weekend, but if you have to, best to step inside the theatre in some sort of intoxication. Else, watch it at your own risk.

BANGISTAN is a pointless film that fails to make you laugh or entertain. Skip it.

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


Like many countless other films, Bangistan also has a promising plot somewhere in there but it never realizes it potential. It has a tough time finding its footing as it oscillates between comedy and some serious sermonizing and the two have to be handled with great care like a chef mixing ingredients to make a dish.


I'm trying to figure out things in my mind, to make sense of what I have just seen...

Suprateek Chatterjee


Bangistan looks like it must’ve started as a good enough idea on paper before it got compromised for reasons best known to its makers. There are glimpses of a superior product in the way some shots and sequences are executed, but the overall product is an insult to their own efforts. Wes Anderson and Anees Bazmee is not a combination to aspire to. Ever.

Audience Reviews for Bangistan

  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    One expects quality cinema from a guy who is a former film critic and who has a strong production backing, but after sitting through this piece of junk, I want to revisit the idea that film critics make good filmmakers.

    Poking fun at popular international brands, ideologies, and stereotypes is what the film relies heavily on for humor from the beginning. That a fictitious country called Bangistan is torn between communal tension is a good base to make a satire. But the wagon which was supposed to hit the star looks like it has punctured all its tires, burst all its windows and windshield, and has swerved off road into a known yet unpleasant territory that is best described as moronic and highfalutin. Known, because this territory is already crowded with the Bollywood likes (Roy (2015), et al). Unpleasant, because, well, you know.

    Two over-smart and over-sympathetic characters (Samrat & Deshmukh) are sent by their respective community leaders to Poland (for heck's sake) of Hindi speaking yet Polish lipping inhabitants to carry out a suicide bombing mission in an attempt to instigate international terror thereby disrupting harmony. Dialogs have been stolen from classic films, and if you were to subtract the steal from the total dialogs in the film, you will have a non-operational womb in your hand.

    The biggest problem with the film is that its comedy is all single- layered, meaning a joke is introduced and is taken forward until it transforms into farce (and travesty) and into hogwash and then finally spirals into an abyss of dark nothingness. Editing and direction are in gutters, and so is the pretentious screenplay.

    Basically, the whole film is Mr Anshuman's imagination, and when one imagines things, success is always a presumed by-product. Unfortunately, nothing works in reality; not even those indigenously made explosives that they use in the film. The songs ignite trepidation in its viewers and the music man is growling his way to get noticed. We get it, Mr Sampat, you can scream.

    There is not an iota of sense in the film which could grip the audience, forget about hooking them. There is no insight into the actual theme of the film and with that sermon at the end, all goes downhill. The protagonists or the antagonists or the anti-heroes (it's all messed up) suddenly stop and introspect about their foolish actions and then we have a genre shift in the film, which is more unbearable than what preceded.

    While Deshmukh looks confused, Samrat is the epitome of overacting. I checked my phone for three seconds and my neighbor notified me that I had missed Miss Fernandez. I was happier.

    The plot holes are in millions, plus during a fight scene towards the end, all limits are crossed and one realizes that these two hours will never come back. The background score tries hard like a mother tries hard to teach her son to carve out a perfect cursive letter "f," but the result is a garbled product which looks like a pile of crap. And the whole drama ends with tears. Trust me, there will be tears. River of tears in the situation room of Excel Entertainment. For cryin' out loud, the expectations were higher because of Akhtar and Sidhwani on board, however the man at the wheels goes super retard.

    When a rookie filmmaker uses Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" to weigh in the magnitude of a scene, one ought to know that there is nothing much to consider in the film. In the case of Bangistan, why don't you skip the word "much" from the previous statement? Ironically, to imagine that if the director was to again don the cap of a film critic one last time and review his own movie, the river of tears that I was talking about would turn into an ocean, all thanks to Mr Anshuman.

    BOTTOM LINE: Bangistan can be best described in three Us - unimaginative, unfunny, and ugly.

    VERDICT: No stars. Skip for life.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    August 08, 15