• How To Train Your Dragon 2 is proof of what you can do with the form, if the content has an emotional core that beats for what you feel so strongly about.

    Take the kids, fly with the dragons. It’s one hell of a flight you just cannot miss this season.

  • Nisha’s victory as a filmmaker lies in her ability to draw out candid responses from her subjects and letting us judge the truth without really trying hard to put a spin around the film.

  • Small film with a huge heart (and unrealised potential) that deserves to be watched for some lovely moments

  • A trashy remake of a preposterous Tamil film…

  • But thanks to a taut screenplay (credited to Bhaskar) and direction (Sabbir Khan of Kambakkth Ishq) Heropanti rises above the clichés, despite the two-decade-old plot of manufacturing consent from the father instead of just running away with his daughter, as characters remain largely true to the type until the very end (when the entire honour-killing endorsing community conveniently undergoes an instant change of heart.)

  • Entertaining pulp fiction that turns spoof-ish, thanks to the convenient twists.

  • Muppets Most Wanted with its songs, colour, humour and action is certified fun for the entire family. The sly referential jokes will have the adults chuckling, while the dance, song and simpler jokes will please the bachcha party enormously.

  • A gritty film that works largely because of the subject and sensitive treatment if you have the stomach for gore.

  • You know the drill. If you’ve seen Meet the Parents. But Total Siyappa is actually a remake of Argentine film Seres Queridos, where a girl takes her boyfriend home to meet the parents, and chaos sets in when he accidentally drops frozen soup from the kitchen window. Suddenly towards the end, the makers remember the India-Pakistan subplot and give the lead pair a little to fight about.

  • Neeraj Pandey knows his craft. He knows to keep the pace going. He knows to keep you on your toes and surprise you through misdirection. Which is why it’s also a little disconcerting that he compromised by putting the songs in, just to give the film mainstream appeal.

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