• Incredibles 2’s tottering scene-stealer is more than pleased to be the best thing about its flying, fizzy, whimsical, endearing and 3D action-packed two hours.

  • Given the talent involved, its feeble male presence and failure to look beyond heterosexual framework is disappointing. But it is also definitely worth a watch for exactly the same reason.

  • If entertainment amounts to sedans and sunglasses doing all the emoting, cars going kaboom, one fancy bike vrooming ahead a host of others, cat fight of She Hulks, a takedown of shirtless wax mannequins, folks jumping off from buildings and mountain tops in magically emerging wing suits or conducting a bank heist while two members of their group arrive in a chopper, inject themselves with micro fluid tracker device to distract non-existent security by pole dancing in a swanky Cambodia club, then Race 3 deserves a gold medal. 

    But, sorry Bhai fans, it’s a big zero from me.

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is every bit a horror film split into predictable hostility and periodic close calls…

  • Kareena’s restraint around the wedding hysteria bubbling around her, Sonam’s airheaded optimism, Swara’s crackling profanity and comfort for innuendoes and Shikha’s talent for naughty wit comes together to say it’s not a big deal for women to talk and do as they please.

    If only Veere Di Wedding actually believed it too.

  • It’s like Chewbacca’s groaning presence, John Williams’ classic tune and other familiar props and paraphernalia, everything is just doing its bit to compensate for Harrison Ford’s sorely missed devilry

  • Deadpool started out as a passion project for Reynolds, but now that it has tasted box-office blood, he’s on a course correction. Which means Green Lantern gets yet another jab in the jaw.

    The joke’s a bit old now, but the Regenerating Degenerate is only getting started.

  • Hope Aur Hum never strays into complicated territory and sticks to its gentle celebration of everyday highs and lows. Its idealism may seem intentional, but never ever contrived.

  • Every single gesture is overdone and extra boisterous like Bachchan’s inflated exuberance and screaming prosthetics, reminiscent of the 1970s when he’d masquerade as a grey-haired old man playing to the gallery. It was phony, but so much fun.

    This one’s more 102 and not quite.

  • Infinity War goes one step further and tries something bold. Maybe it is all a deception but this detour from blustering finishes towards an incomplete, unpredictable and unsafe course of events makes this one epic and the next one badly awaited.

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