• At the end of this rather long movie, Alia asks ‘What do you see in this story? Kalank or love?’

    I saw beauty at its emptiest. You won’t be able to look away. But you won’t feel anything either.

  • ‘Kesari devotes a significant chunk of its script to brandish Akshay’s might as the dauntless, magnanimous, Sardar, Havildar Ishar Singh.’ ‘To his credit, the actor is a picture of restraint and righteousness as the worldly-wise Sardar on a mission…

  • For a picture is a moment, it doesn’t commit, it contains.

    It has no past nor future, it is timeless.

    That is the beauty of Batra’s delicate little gem.

    It is what it would like to remember and not what unfolds.

  • Master of mysteries, Alfred Hitchcock once said, ‘Revenge is sweet, not fattening.’

    At two hours running time, Badla keeps the deed both short and sweet.

  • Between not taking itself seriously and spewing gyaan over how to win youth votes, Luka Chuppi cannot decide what it wants to hide and where it needs to look.

  • Total Dhamaal would be unwatchable without Madhuri’s spunk and bossy swag playing off Anil Kapoor’s bellyaching, bugged half’s protests.

    This jodi deserves a better film. And you need no brains to know that.

  • Gully Boy is a glorious blend of hip-hop and assured film-making…

  • Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga wishes to lend itself as a significant voice of change and support towards the LGBT community, but its woefully apologetic tone regarding individual choices repeatedly negates it when characters — both traumatised and enlightened — spew things like, ‘Yeh janam se hi aise hai’ or ‘I wish I was normal’.

    Funny how a woman can fall in love with another woman and still need a man to ensure she gets her happy ending.

    That’s normal enough for Bollywood.

  • A jumbo mess of warped notions and random ambition, Why Cheat India trivialises education and shows sympathy for deceit

  • Movies, their motives and time of release make me wonder if we’ll ever be able to see India as India and not a reflection of its governments

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