• It’s unbearable, this dullness. You’ll find more action in a grocery shop’s CCTV footage than in all of India’s Most Wanted. 

  • You’ll find more wisdom on such matters in a Sara Ali Khan interview

  • Stupidity of the year!…’Student of the Year 2 has no spunk, no plot and zero charisma

  • As is mandatory in Bollywood these days, Blank too insists on painting a ferocious Muslim imagery of bushy beards, severe kohl-eyes and chequered scarfs spewing distorted religious ideology to impressionable young minds

  • Even if Setters shows no inclination to understand the dark desperation that drives parents to buy marks for undeserving children, it could’ve made a little more effort to be sly or suspenseful,

  • Avengers: Endgame is a three hour-long emotionally draining, exhilarating, electrifying goodbye.

  • At the end of this rather long movie, Alia asks ‘What do you see in this story? Kalank or love?’

    I saw beauty at its emptiest. You won’t be able to look away. But you won’t feel anything either.

  • ‘Kesari devotes a significant chunk of its script to brandish Akshay’s might as the dauntless, magnanimous, Sardar, Havildar Ishar Singh.’ ‘To his credit, the actor is a picture of restraint and righteousness as the worldly-wise Sardar on a mission…

  • For a picture is a moment, it doesn’t commit, it contains.

    It has no past nor future, it is timeless.

    That is the beauty of Batra’s delicate little gem.

    It is what it would like to remember and not what unfolds.

  • Master of mysteries, Alfred Hitchcock once said, ‘Revenge is sweet, not fattening.’

    At two hours running time, Badla keeps the deed both short and sweet.

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