• Truth be told, Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan’s daughter has tons of filmi blood and it is what powers Kedarnath from start to finish

  • verybody keeps bumping into each other as if they’re living inside a fish bowl. Only it’s weed, not water, they are floating in.

    What I’ve just described is only the icing of the Bhaiaji baloney.

  • Pihu may not be flawless, but it has something valid to say about lousy parents…

  • Bohemian Rhapsody’s crowd-pleasing nostalgia cheers Freddie Mercury’s exhilarating sound and infectious power play with such all-out gusto, you WILL break free all over again…

  • Neither Aamir’s hard-at-work whimsicality nor Amitabh Bachchan’s stoic presence can salvage a second of this bloated, blundering bore.

  • Save for Saif. His character has a thing for stories and tells them like riddles with deviousness stroked in affability. He is evil in its most hypnotic, powerful, persuasive, expressive and exonerated avatar — now where have you heard of this kind before?

  • The whole point of this idiotic movie hinges on whether Aayush Sharma who wants to act can act. Unless a singular dazed expression qualifies as talent, not by a long shot

  • Andhadhun is completely aware of its intelligence and quick wits mercilessly testing our gullibility while Raghavan leads us to its staggering finish with the finesse of a Mikado champion.

    It’s stunning, comic, grisly, absurd, intense, cold, crazy and must-watch.

  • No overblown drama, no weepy speech, Sui Dhaaga’s sunshine spirit and throwaway nok jhonk pervades the uncertainty and exploitation…

  • Batti Gul Meter Chalu’s final few minutes weepily rave and rant about the injustice meted out at the ‘sadharan aadmi.’

    But the mockery that precedes it akin to watching Shahid Kapoor host a humourless awards show.

    The actor gives his all to the part, smoothly swinging between the stand-up and speech-y tone of its courtroom scenes.

    Unfortunately, his comic ease and contagious energy are not enough to brighten up this dim-witted slog.

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