• For all the visual gleam and action and blinding city lights that are on offer, stripped of Japanese identity, Jamie Moss and Ehren Kruger’s screenplay could very well have been set in New York City or Moscow, and it would not have made any difference to the final product.

  • The twist, when it comes, does not do much to alleviate the film. When nearly one hundred minutes of the film are spent on old wine in a new, CGI bottle, this last minute shocker ends up underlining the sluggish and stale nature of the plot, which is more assembled than inspired.

  • A remake that’s not a happily ever after…

  • The Great Wall is unable to offer a coherent system within which the monsters should exist.

  • The absurd, logic-defying, and frankly unnecessary plot-twist cracks the thin ice this film was already treading on. Watching this film is akin to hearing the sound of nails on a chalkboard. One can only wish for it to stop.

  • Unlike most Christmas-themed films which are meant for family viewing, Will Speck and Josh Gordon’s Office Christmas Party tries very hard to aim at adult audiences. They have succeeded in getting an “A” certificate, but the content remains as immature and inane as one can imagine, wherein vulgarity becomes a substitute for wit.

  • Underworld: Blood Wars is a headache-inducing experience which can, at best, yield bad puns about it being a bloody ordeal.

  • Overall, the film is an earnest but tepid entry in the genre of the Western…

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