• The film is enjoyable, but forgettable; amusing, but not profound. In a scene where Gru and Dru arrive outside Bratt’s island tower, Gru takes charge while ordering Dru to sit and wait for him. The latter objects to being a silent spectator to all the fun and defies his brother’s orders. But this is exactly what is expected of the audience – sit through the film and enjoy the madness of these cartoons.

  • There are a few digressions in the film that, though dispensable, seem to exist to dwell on the quasi-familial setup.

  • Rogue One serves as a political allegory and is significant in our contemporary times. The world is polarised between left and right-thinking factions — not merely the powers that be, but the ordinary public refuses, or at least finds it difficult to traverse a middle path as well. Social media is flooded with opinions on every issue, and an apolitical approach is anathema.

  • Stone’s and Gosling’s dancing is endearingly imperfect, their singing haunting and melancholic, and their chemistry, palpable.

  • The performances in the film are energetic, and the characters are likeable, if at times, ridiculously unbelievable.

  • Amy Adams delivers a stellar performance with unspeakable grace and gravitas. This is a science fiction film that goes beyond extra-terrestrial conquests. It remains grounded on Earth and asks questions not only about humanity’s relation with itself, but also about humanity’s relation with the universe.

  • Most of the film is overwhelmed by extensive use of CGI, the plot of this caper seems a bit trite at times, but considering this is one-fifth of a new franchise, one hopes that better adventures will follow, with a profound insight into the Dumbledore-Grindelwald relationship.

  • Trolls, the latest venture from DreamWorks Animation studios, is a light-hearted, sunshine-happy musical about single-mindedly sunshine-happy Trolls. The heart of the film is premised on the question, “What is happiness?” — the answer to which is as elusive as the question is profound.

  • Train to Busan is a fulfilling film because it smoothly blends entertainment and social critique without being didactic; the class struggle between the characters remains subtle yet profound, and the genre of the zombie apocalypse horror film is not compromised. It has plenty to offer both casual and serious cinema-goers.

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