• Watch it for the action sequences midway through the movie that are executed to perfection. That is when you really immerse yourself in the flow of the movie. As for the acting, it’s top notch. Michael Fassbender fans, you do not need a reason to watch this. Go for it this weekend.

  • Amitabh Bachchan has once again given a sterling performance, and one that stands out sharply in an otherwise passable film. 

  • This, however, is a superhero film and delivers everything you expect from one. The heroes are muscular and almost invincible, the special effects are larger-than-life, and the action will keep your blood pumping till the very last minute. There are no performances here that will suck you into the universe, but the potent mix of drama, action and reality is heady enough to make it worth a watch.

  • Sweet in parts, silly in parts- this film is exactly what the doctor ordered this festive season. A reminder that everyone- gay guys, street-smart orphans, illegitimate children, diffident men and fat girls- can get a happy ending. At least in films!

  • With stylishly shot and eminently hummable songs, and its fair share of funny moments, this film is a welcome break from the action thrillers that have released recently. It aims to entertain throughout and never gets too serious or too intense.

  • Phantom offers action and revenge but not of the mindless variety. The violence is always far enough that you can turn a blind eye to it. Pakistani civilians are shown to be innocent and humane (some great performances here), even if the establishment is not. This is a film that entertains, engages and offers “insaaf”, without ever becoming too serious or too sentimental.

  • A fun and action-packed ride through memory lane.

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