• Brilliant in conception and execution, Filmistaan, will entertain you right from the beginning. Filmistaan also delivers a positive message on life. No matter how difficult a situation you are stuck at, always be positive and face the hurdles with a little bit of humor.
    And yes, always be a little filmy. It helps.

  • If you are a fan of die-hard inspirational sports movie, Million Dollar Arm may disappoint you. But, if you are looking forward for a relaxed sports drama movie, this is it.
    Million Dollar Arm will make you feel good and happy. A well-crafted story of two sportsmen making it big. Time to pull out those tissues. We all love a little bit of emotional drama, don’t we?

  • When it comes to India versus Pakistan we tend to get slightly jazbati- be it a cricket match or a movie. Speaking about movies, there are quite few films from Bollywood that centers around patriotism. However, it’s very rare that you get to see a film, which very subtly illustrates the Partition of India or nationalism.

  • I was definitely expecting a lot more from this movie. But unfortunately, it doesn’t take much time for a good film to turn sour.

  • Religion based movie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, Darren Aronofsky’s Noah presented a well-worn Biblical parable in the most grandest way. Watch it for Russel Crowe’s stellar performance.

  • An out-and-out commercial film, Sabotage celebrates Arnold Schwarzenegger at his best. Watch the film if you are looking for an intense crime-drama. Minus the gore level, Sabotage will hold your attention all the way through. But don’t get misled by the pimped up promos of the movies. There is little about drug cartels or drug mafias.

  • The neighborhood, the people and the surroundings, everything is utterly realistic. Sagar Desai’s music is in perfect sync with the movie. It is fresh and earthy…Watch the movie for it’s raw characters and a simple yet thought provoking plot. There is no extreme dialoguebaazi, item numbers, or action sequence. It is just pure cinema.

  • A masterly tapestry of a woman’s self-discovery!
    Queen without doubt belongs to Kangna Ranaut. The character might slightly remind you of Sridevi in English Vinglish, but then, why compare? Rani is a completely fresh character. And we love her! Rajkumar Rao as Vijay may disappoint you a little. But as a complete jerk, Vijay, he did his part pretty well.

  • From a die-hard situation to an utterly-butterly melodrama, Pompeii ended in most cheesiest way ever possible. The final scene where Milo and Cassia strikes a pose can put Disney movies to shame.

  • With a perfect concoction of romance, suspense and thriller, Shekhar Suman’s Heartless is an absolute winner. When most Bollywood movies are going gaga about rowdy police officers, super-toned heroes and item numbers, Heartless gives the audience a heart-touching story of a mother-son relationship.

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