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Sabotage Reviews


Schwarzenegger fans will enjoy this action fest, as this is undoubtedly his vehicle all the way.

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


While both are thrillers, this Schwarzenegger starrer has nothing to do with the Hitchcock film of 1936 which was based on the Joseph Conrad novel. Directed by David Ayer Sabotage turns out to be one of those average action thrillers with a premise that had the potential to become a gripping film. Instead, the pedestrian screenplay and the not-so-inspiring direction makes it a passable flick.

The whodunit loses its mystery within the first twenty minutes, and you’re just left twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the inevitable to happen. The one thing Sabotage gets right is the gore – every murder is grisly and they are the only moments where the film actually caters to its target audience.

Troy Ribeiro


"Sabotage" with large chunks of gore does not stimulate your mood as a thriller.

Tanaya Ramyani


An out-and-out commercial film, Sabotage celebrates Arnold Schwarzenegger at his best. Watch the film if you are looking for an intense crime-drama. Minus the gore level, Sabotage will hold your attention all the way through. But don’t get misled by the pimped up promos of the movies. There is little about drug cartels or drug mafias.

Danish Bagdadi


Give this hyperviolent, mess of a mystery thriller a miss, all it has is bore and gore.

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