• Are you a die-hard Rekha fan? Then you will manage to sit through this 135 minutes of abla-naari-turned-femme fatale soap saga. At the most, the film is a decent effort by director Indra Kumar, who after having tried his hand at adult-comedy, tries to shift towards woman empowerment.

  • If no logic and only fun infused with dhamakedaar action is your motto, then Bang Bang! is the perfect movie choice. And all you die-hard Hrithik fans, head to the nearest theatre and ogle at his finely chiseled body. Also, if Bollywood’s Barbie – Katrina is your favorite actress, do watch this film to enjoy her cute, innocent character. But remember to overlook the acting element. Else you might leave the cinema hall feeling disappointed. Go Bang Bang! this weekend.

  • There aren’t good enough reason as to why you should watch Desi Kattey. But, if you have nothing else planned, you can plan a movie date with all your buddies.
    A piece of advice: Don’t forget to shoot dead the memory of Desi Kattey before your leave the movie theatre.

  • Garnished with love, fun, colorful settings and impressive performances, chef Habib prepares a grand fiesta – Daawat-e-Ishq . And if a sweet love story is your cup of tea, then don’t miss this treat.

  • …is not just about food. It serves more than that. Instead of being just another movie about food, it nourishes the craving of movie-lovers in an entertaining way. The movie emphasizes the fact that good food is served with emotional attachments.

  • A colorful entertainer for kids, this film can be your weekend movie date with your little ones. Despite being a tale of steel and chrome characters, the hidden moral messages touches the soul. A tribute to people who risk their lives for others, preaching virtues and impressive animation are good enough reasons to watch Planes: Fire & Rescue.

  • A cute and simple story of a Muslim girl who goes against all odds to establish herself as a successful private detective. Vidya Balan, has pulled the film with her acting prowess proving her mettle as an actress, yet again. Bobby Jasoos is a decent watch, if you have nothing else planned for the weekend.

  • If you are a 3A fan – Akshay, Action and Adventure, then this is a recommended watch for you. Rest all, please take a pass on this Bollywood movie. Yet another reason why you must watch Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty, is the beautiful message with which the movie ends. Dedicated to all the Army personnel and their families, the movie salutes every person serving in the Defence forces keeping the nation safe and secure.

  • It’s an animation movie and stars Mighty Raju, the popular superhero kid. If you are a parent to little toddlers, Mighty Raju Rio Calling is your weekend getaway with your little ones.

  • A stellar star cast, a noble intention packed with a few quick laughs.

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