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Bhoothnath Returns

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The film is set in a chaotic urban locality and features a fearless, street-kid. Bhoothnath Returns looks like a political satire in which a ghost takes on a corrupt politician by fighting elections against him. Boman Irani is cast as the antagonist who is challenged by Amitabh Bachchan.Wikipedia

Bhoothnath Returns Reviews


Despite the uneven writing, the film works because it has heart. I will also say that depicting violence against children to appeal to one's emotions is wrong on so many levels. Still, "Bhoothnath Returns" is anchored by terrific performances from its central players: Boman Irani, Amitabh Bachchan, and the surprise packet that is Parth Bhalerao.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


I laughed out loud in a few bits, didn’t mind some of it, and blanked out in the rest. Finally it was neither funny nor serious enough: neither fully ghostly nor ghastly, but somewhere in between.

Raja Sen


Bhoothnath Returns has a few laughs but it ignores the basics. Despite the hiccups, the film is relatively strong up until midway, when suddenly, without warning, it turns into a poor-people montage, a bewildering collection of moments showing poverty and riots -- set to song, no less -- and ending in a bunch of stills of people pushing carts and pulling rickshaws and looking perfectly happy with their lives, if a trifle puzzled by the photographers.

Anupama Chopra
Hindustan Times


Bhootnath Returns is unnecessarily bloated. It has far too much sermonising. The narrative is simplistic and naïve. And yet I recommend that you see the film — because it is also heartfelt, genuinely moving and, for the first half at least, slyly funny.

Sweta Kaushal
Hindustan Times


Targetted primarily at children, the film serves the purpose -- it is entertaining and sends across a simple message in a hard-hitting manner. It also gets its viewership right – if we want to bring about change, children need to be its harbingers.

Suparna Sharma
Deccan Chronicle


Bhoothnath Returns tries to strike a high moral tone in its social messaging, but creatively it doesn’t flinch from being crassly exploitative. It made me cringe so often that I wished this clever concept had been handed over to a director with a light touch.

Bhoothnath Returns starts off with a fascinating premise but drags towards the end. Whatever connect the towering Bachchan makes with his viewer is rudely disrupted to accommodate mediocre songs or misplaced sentimentalism in a prolonged slide show of poignant portraits making Bhoothnath's return quite a drag in the end.

Boman Irani’s mean politician caricature isn’t menacing enough to give anybody sleepless nights, leave alone a ghost who rocks.Will Bhoothnath Returns be able to bhooth-capture the box office? It might not lose its deposit, but it does not look like it is in with a chance to romp home with a big margin.

Madhureeta Mukherjee
Times of India


Tiwari's sequel sets off with a lot of promise, entertainment, laughs and endearing camaraderie between a bhooth and a boy. The first-half has wittily written scenes - strung with satire and emotion, but the story slowly turns into a tedious vocational course on voting. The preaching distracts from some superb performances and inadvertently loses humour, but the story does have its heart in the right place. 'BN' makes a comeback at a perfect time - bang on with our Indian elections, and packs a powerful message, albeit with potholes in the plot.

Like India’s democratic system, “Bhoothnath Returns” has some noticeable flaws, but it does inject enough faith for viewers to cheer it on.

Enjoyable in parts, Bhootnath Returns has the right sentiment, but an over the top climax and cliched writing holds it back from being a charmer.

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


There is no doubt that Bhoothnath will entertain cine-goers.. It's entertainment .. Bachchan style!


Bhoothnath Returns is lightyears ahead of its first part. Told like a socio-political satire in the first half, it suffers when the humor runs out leaving behind an overdramatic climax. For the intelligent story and the umpteenth laughs of the first hour and mostly Parth & Big B’s impervious chemistry, the film deserves a watch. Could have been octaves ahead but doesn't soar adequately.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


...is made with noble intentions and the message it conveys resonates in the second hour, although those looking for entertainment may find it lacking in the second half. Watch it for some wonderful moments and superior performances by Bachchan Sr., Boman Irani and the child artist Parth Bhalerao.

‘Bhootnath Returns’ is watchable because of the timeliness with which it brings you the message, “cast your vote” and “vote for change”.


Watch Bhoothnath Returns for the masterful performances by Parth, Boman Irani and Amitabh Bachchan. Mr Bachchan particularly shows you why he is still leagues ahead of any contemporary star, actor or performer. And then there are sprightly cameos by Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor to further add to experience. Despite all its imperfections Bhoothnath Returns is a film worth cheering for. It definitely deserves your vote.

Audience Reviews for Bhoothnath Returns

  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
    94 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Bhootnath Returns. The sequel to well received Bhootnath is very different from its original and mostly in good way. Bhootnath played by always amazing Amitabh Bachchan returns to earth, becomes friend with poor kid Akhrot played by superb Parth Bhalerao and fights face to face with corrupt politician played by ever dependable Boman Irani.

    The good doesn't stop here. Nitesh Tiwari of Chillar Party fame directs the well written story with conviction and emotion so that you can easily relate to the pain and agony of who are at the receiving end of cancer named corruption. The fresh ideas like Bhootnath using his power to get the haunted buildings freed from ghosts and 'you are not required to be alive to contest an election' stand out.

    However, as movie progresses the solutions become more simplistic and less charismatic. Parth's performance is outstanding specially being in the company of big talents like Big B and Boman. He makes you laugh and cry with equal ease. His cracking chats with Big B and emotional scene with his mother before the climax are just one of the many good evidence of his acting prowess.

    I am going with strong 7 out of 10 for Bhootnath Returns. It deserves a watch for some witty ideas and towering performances.

    August 25, 14