• Its amusing insights and bold message make PK hit home. Appreciate its truths – which aren’t so alien after all.

  • Happy Ending’s a fun film with a melodious, modern take on individuals and pyaar. It’s an NRI movie that side-steps dilemmas and pain. And it’s probably the first Hindi film where the heroine cheekily tells the hero, “Show your boobs!”, performed with polished elan. Wrapping Hollywood ribbons on a Bollywood heart, this is a nice ending – and a good start.

  • HSKD has plenty of feel-good moments, but nothing that will leave you punch-drunk. For romantics who believe in their dils and their dulhanias.

  • The action sequences are breathtaking and despite the running time, the film doesn’t drag. Garfield and Stone, in the scenes where they are together, have a palpable chemistry. This Spider-Man serves up both pathos and power.

  • One of the finest things about ‘KDKL’ is Gulzar’s poetic prologue. Without the usual trappings of filmi fanfare, this story has its heart in the right place – pure and undivided. Like pre-partition brotherhood.

  • The film is a comprehensive coverage of Nair’s extraordinary life journey.From Trivandrum to film studios in Mumbai to finally ending up as a film collector in Pune, from an aspiring filmmaker to a strict archivist, various facets of his life have been captured beautifully.

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