• Over its 103-minute running time, the film goes about meticulously and blithely destroying its legacy, making a hash of the dark, provocative subtext of the original. Spend your weekend watching your toes rather than this artless and juvenile crap.

  • Unless you need some pedagogical pointers from superstar daddy Will Smith on bringing up a whiny, bratty kid (Jaden Smith), this is yet another disappointing outing from M Night Shyamalan.

  • Shallow, silly and slick, Now You See Me is a guilty pleasure that entertains for these very carnal reasons. This is the sort of movie that falls apart under closer inspection. So you would do well to just enjoy the ride than question the destination.

  • The only real laugh in this film comes in the form of a crazy scene while the credits roll, but by then, it’s all too late.Having slaughtered all the holy cows of political correctness across two continents in the first two instalments, this third part seems to just run out of material.

  • Star Trek Into Darkness does have all the ingredients that make for a summer tent-pole success, but the soggy Kirk-Spock friendship is a letdown, especially keeping in mind the expectations set by the first installment.

  • While the book left ample scope for a reader to fill in the settings, romanticise the era and paint the characters his own shade of grey, Luhrmann’s visual flourish leaves little to imagination.

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