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Now You See Me

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Now You See Me Reviews

Raja Sen


There’s a lot of Hey and too little Presto, and seeing the trailer on the big-screen is more fulfilling than grabbing the whole. There are patches of fun, but Now You See Me ends up a wasted mess populated with good actors.

Ambarish Ganesh
Indian Nerve


All in all, Now You See Me is a decorous affair that entertains, but is trapped within a web of cliches. Watch it for the brilliant performances and the well delivered witty dialogues.

Rashid Irani
Hindustan Times


Despite its flashy trappings, viewers are unlikely to surrender to the spell of the on-screen legerdemain. Clues and red herrings abound around every turn as Now You See Me gradually spins itself into a tizzy especially in the plottier second half.

Renuka Vyavahare
Times of India


The film has its moments. However, don't go thinking you'll have fun 'solving' the enigmatic case, as the events that follow might just be way too implausible and convenient for your liking.

There is something about a right ensemble that takes a film to a different level of brilliance. Now You See Me has a lot to do with the casting and the actors selected to play these characters.


Remember Ocean’s Eleven? What if Danny Ocean and his rat pack had magic tricks up their sleeves along with desperate ideas involving improbable heists? Cool, isn’t it. Well, Louis Leterrier returns to form with this heist/revenge drama.


Shallow, silly and slick, Now You See Me is a guilty pleasure that entertains for these very carnal reasons. This is the sort of movie that falls apart under closer inspection. So you would do well to just enjoy the ride than question the destination.

Neha Pinto


As Morgan Freeman promises in the trailer, it’s true, "The more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you.

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