• We are looking at New Bollywood, evolving exactly as it should. Stirringly topical, solid in the comment it leaves, and yet never losing focus on the classic entertainment formula that has forever driven our commercial cinema. What’s more, it sets the stage for three new exciting talents in the bargain too.

  • In his new film, Pandey is out tormenting the high and mighty who thrive on black money. A nation with growing doubts over its judicial system would lap this up, and Pandey’s Special 26 plays to the galleries while forwarding what he feels should be the right treatment for such enemies of the state.

  • But the film crumbles in the climax, giving you an end that is too filmy for satisfaction. The end is one that bars Vishal’s latest from becoming an exceptional effort. For everything else it is worth, this is the first real whopper coming out of Bollywood this year. Go for it.

  • You would struggle to find another film that so fluidly blends the tech-specks with aesthetic finery. Life Of Pi is a visual spectacle, and the 3D here is the best you have ever seen (yes, it’s better than Avatar).

  • The uncomplicated tale about two people on the edge leaves a warm afterglow, leaving scope for the mind’s juices to flow. Silver Linings Playbook is exceptional for eight reasons really, evidenced by the film’s eight Oscar nominations. It is in the running for best director, film, adapted screenplay, editing, actor, actress, supporting actor and supporting actress.

  • SAW is entertaining fare if you are willing to overlook authenticity, and the fact that the pace is sluggish in portions of the second half. Overall, it is a gangsta trip throbbing with adrenaline rush and Gupta does well to underplay the melodrama so as not to dilute the impact.

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