• So many negatives makes it difficult to take Hawaizaada seriously as a liberally-altered biopic. Honestly, I got onto the plane, but after a few minutes, I was frantically looking for a parachute to escape.

  • Director Soumik Sen’s casting coup has not been wasted, we must say. Yes, the film is based on the life based on the life of activist Sampat Pal and there is a particular scene in the movie, which is based on true events. We wish he had acknowledged Pal’s movement in some manner or the other. That way, the film would have stayed away from the unnecessary controversies. That apart, Sen surely deserves a pat on his back for choosing a subject of serious concern.

  • For me a good film is like a tequila shot. And when a Bollywood film gives me a high, I feel like going to the rooftops and scream my lungs out. And I must say that Dhoom:3 gave me the high that I was hoping for.

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