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Gulaab Gang

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Gulaab Gang is a drama film based on Gulabi Gang, a group of Indian women vigilantes and activists dressed in pink saris, fighting against the social injustice and operating in the Bundelkhand region of central India. Wikipedia

Gulaab Gang Reviews


If you must watch this film, watch it for Juhi Chawla's inspired performance; it's the only bright spot in Gulaab Gang. Muddled and forgettable.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


From its opening frame you discover that in its supposed feminist garb, ‘Gulab Gang’ is actually the old-style good vs evil story, styled in the tired way these films have been for the longest time. Its chief baddie is, ta da, a woman.

...may not be a typical film meant to taste success at the Box Office. The film does speak about issues that need urgent attention, but may not be enough to draw people to the theatres. But Juhi Chawla’s performance in the film isn’t worth a miss. So watch it for her.

Anupama Chopra
Hindustan Times


For a real dose of women empowerment, watch Gulabi Gang, a terrific documentary on Sampat Pal, which is still running in select theaters.

Suparna Sharma
Deccan Chronicle


Visually the film is seductive – pink saris in sepia dehaat — but its message is scary. While I had severe problems with its glorification of vigilante justice, there were a few moments when I was both thrilled and moved. I am ashamed.

The confrontations between Rajjo and Sumitra Devi should have been impactful, with the resounding echo when two strong personalities clash. Sadly, they don’t. These are major drawbacks that bring down a potentially good film.

Madhuri Dixit is a fantastic actor and the role of a strong minded rural woman who is willing to fight for her rights is not beyond her. Do watch her in Mrityudand and you’ll know what I mean. Here, she is saddled with a flawed script; something that she is not able to rise above. Meanwhile, you could watch this movie for Juhi Chawla. She is a revelation and we really hope the film industry takes notice!

The film’s much-touted feminism seems especially counterfeit when a ruffian is forced by members of the gang to drape a sari and perform an impromptu dance, the implication being that, for a man, there can be no humiliation worse than that. Women who weave their own pink saris and are determined to put all pigs in their place, even if they are in the make-believe world of Gulaab Gang, should be the last people to enforce a stereotype that Hindi films have perpetuated for decades.

Srijana Mitra Das
Times Of India


There are too many tangents, navels and nose-rings, diverting focus from Rajjo, the story's driving force. Instead of knowing how and why she becomes the tigress of Madhavpur, we're given mellifluous songs, intercut with soon-repetitive scenes of exploitation. Considering the subject's intense power and the charisma of these stars, the movie's hesitation with how to proceed stands out.

This is one of those films that thinks it achieves a higher purpose and stands for oppressed women everywhere. But it’s the complete opposite. What’s more, it isn’t even entertaining cinema.

The film has a seen-that feel. Haven't there been enough films about rape, corruption, poverty and drama with villains, cops and politicians. Except that this time, it is a woman unleashing the hell and another women slicing and dicing the culprits. The song and dance in a film like this, was it really necessary? It could have become a memorable film like Mirchi and Mrityudand but in trying to be commercial, the film loses it's flavour.


...is not unforgettable but not unwatchable either. With many euphoric moments of utter jubiliation, the film’s stronghold is Madhuri and Juhi with individually mettlesome performances and the friskily excitable chemistry together. Though the film fails to use its scope rightly and delivers an extremely creased up affair. But for it’s impeccable leading ladies who are gritty is their parts, the film slips out a 3/5 from me. Far from perfect but engrossing nevertheless.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


...is well-intentioned with several powerful moments, especially towards the second half. The game of power and politics is well captured too. Additionally, the bravura performances of Madhuri and Juhi add immense weightage to the film. Watch it!

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


This venture by Soumik Sen is a damp squib. If you want to know anything about Pal or the Gulabi gang, check out Nishtha Jain’s documentary that released recently.


Sampat Pal needlessly fought for a stay. She needn’t have worried. This Gulaab Gang has nothing to do with her pioneering efforts against domestic violence. The film is a pure masala entertainer. It’s another action film following the same tired patterns. The only difference is that instead of the hero and villain being men, it has women squaring off each other.


Much was expected from this GULAAB GANG, but it falls flat right from the beginning. Poor writing and weak screenplay let the film down terribly. Add to it some over-the-top acting. All these are major hurdles that never allow the film a decent, seamless flow.

Audience Reviews for Gulaab Gang

  • Subhalakshmi
    2 reviews

    Gulaab Gang is Dabangg. Period. Replete with seeti worthy moments, the movie is not a serious portrayal of women empowerment or an eye-opener about how women are tortured. It is Madhuri Dixit jumping over a jeep, axe in hand, and knocking down four men with a single blow, without a scratch on her face.

    When Juhi Chawla, playing one of the most bad-ass roles (probably the first) of her career, makes a male politician crawl between the legs of her female secretary, it is no less "cringe-worthy" than Amrish Puri leching after Mamata Kulkarni's heaving breasts in Karan Arjum. Mujhko rana ji maaf karna, but villains are supposed to provide "cringe-worthy" moments. That is why we cheer when the good guy comes along and beats the shit out of them.

    I loved the movie, like I love Karan Arjun. Like I love Tarantino. Blood, gore, stunts, dialogues, Madhuri and Juhi Chawla locking horns, song and dance routines for no rhyme or reason and a gora news reporter who keeps popping up. What more can a girl, growing up during the 90s Bollywood era, want?

    April 13, 14