• ‘No One Killed Jessica’ is a superbly written and well crafted piece of cinema.

  • Undeniably, Rizwan is the essence of ‘My Name Is Khan.’ In Rizwan, Shah Rukh gives a stellar, heartfelt and endearing performance. And yes, the SRK-Kajol chemistry still works wonders! ‘MNIK’ is a must watch film. A treat for Shah Rukh-Kajol fans!

  • The storytelling techniques used by the writer, director and theatre personality Paresh Mokashi`s makes the film an absolute delight to watch. Instead of being just another biopic, the film delves into the life of Dadasaheb Phalke and presents before us an insight into the mind of the genius.

  • Technically, the film is well presented except for a few jerky transitions and bleeps imposed by the Indian censor board which mar the viewing experience.

    Overall, the film is amusing and will appeal to an older audience with a bohemian attitude who is willing to learn and unlearn about life.

  • Overall, despite good production quality, decent visuals, and high action drama, Besson`s fans would be disappointed because of the lack of noir-action drama. For the thinking audience, the same hooks that make the film engaging makes it look ridiculous and absurd.

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